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5 Easy Steps in My Morning Skincare Routine

Have you ever bought new products and been so excited to use them, but not sure where to begin... Fear not we got you! We'll help you use those amazing products in the correct order so your skin receives the full benefits from each and everyone of them.

Being an aesthetician we often get asked "how in the world do we apply all these amazing products that you just recommended" . Its a lot, we get it and hopefully this article will make your life a little easier, but more importantly your skin a lot better.

When we shop for skin care products we usually start with the must haves like; cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and spf. Depending on your skin concerns it can get even more complicated, as we might have to also add serums, exfoliants, and masks to that mix.

The order that you will be applying all these products matters... A LOT! In order for the products to be affective, you need to follow a lineup that doesn't cancel out the previous products benefits.

That being said; it may seem confusing in the start, but if you follow my essentials steps in this process I guarantee you'll become a PRO!


First Thing In the Morning


There is a lot of debates amongst skin-care experts whether you should cleanse once or twice a day. This step becomes a little tricky for me, but I personally prefer to cleanse only at night time. I find theres no real need to rewash my face with a cleanser in the morning after doing so the night before, especially when there is such a thing as OVERWASHING!!

Over-washing our skin removes amazing oils that our bodies produce overnight, which leaves your skin exposed and more vulnerable.These natural oils are actually really good for our skin as it creates a protective barrier from external factors during the day.

If you feel like your face is "too oily" and you "must wash it" in the morning then I would recommend a gentle cleansing oil. However if you are like me and your skin has that "dry and tight feeling" then just rinsing with lukewarm water is perfect.

STEP 2 - TONER I love this step! I find that every time I apply toner my face feels so refreshed and hydrated. As I only wash my face with lukewarm water in the morning I usually spray the toner all over my face instead of using cotton pads.

Toner's are amazing as they instantly help your skin look brighter and healthier. The long term benefits are where it really shine though as it helps with; fine lines, wrinkles, and becoming less prone to acne just to name a few.


Once the toner is fully absorbed, follow up with a light weight moisturizer to further prime and prep your skin for the day. Another great option which is my go to is a tinted moisturizer. I find that using tinted moisturizer helps even out my skin tone plus provides a boost of added SPF protection.


The last and probably most important step that many of my new clients seem to miss is this one. I get a lot of "it's raining", "it's not sunny outside", or my favourite "my moisturizer has some SPF in it".

Exposure to UV rays can cause premature aging of the skin such as wrinkles, leathery skin, liver spots, actinic keratosis and many more.

If you have had a facial with me before then you know how I feel about SPF application. IT'S A MUST!!! You should always finish with SPF 30 or higher. No matter what time of the year, rain or sunshine, this ingredient should always be a factor in your routine in order to fully protect your skin from the suns UV rays.


Walk out of your home feeling beautiful and confident you have equipped your face with all it needs to tackle the day.


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